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New fitness class!

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets will be running a fitness class at SimpleGifts starting in mid-June. The class will target inactive residents who want to get moving! It will be gentle and perfect for anyone with mobility issues (or motivation issues!). Tuesdays at 2:00. Contact us for more details.

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We were featured recently on BBC1's The Big Food Rescue. Watch our clip here: SimpleGifts on the Big Food Rescue

Creative pattern making in action at the Sewing Class

Creative pattern making in action at the Sewing Class


SimpleGifts serves the community in Bethnal Green, East London with programming for children, parents, elders, and anyone looking to enrich their lives with skills building, healthy recreation, or volunteer opportunities.

Quick fact: Our dedicated volunteers provide over 2700 hours of service to us each year!

Watch this short animation developed by Sabrina Vispi and Andrea Alves. We had a special production day at SimpleGifts where the kids, parents and volunteers got together to draw eacher other's faces and then ask each other some questions about themselves. Then, Sabrina and Andrea made some voice recordings of the participants and animated the drawings. Everyone had a great time and learned a lot about each other! It's a strange experience to experience yourself through someone else's eyes and voice!

All About SimpleGifts: Unitarian Centre for Social Action, offering community-based programming in Bethnal Green, London.

Dr Sufia Begum and Jeba Maleque are two Bethnal Green mums who play important role at SimpleGifts. They are both service users and volunteers, community stakeholders at the highest level!

Thank you to the Unitarians in Cheltenham, Glasgow, Hampstead, Lewisham, Godalming, York and Kensington for taking to the pavement in support of migrants everywhere who flee perilous situations in their home countries, seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Anti-migrant rhetoric diminishes us all and shows of solidarity like these can only help strengthen our communities. Well done to all who participated!

Simple Gifts is a Unitarian-led volunteer organisation. We run community programming in Bethnal Green, East London aimed at alleviating the effects of deprivation and improving social cohesion.

Our flagship programme is our After-School Club, which runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons. Browse the site to find out more about our current projects and about how you can help us with our programming.

We welcome those of all cultures, ages, mental and physical abilities. Our facilities are fully accessible.