Projects in the wings

These are the projects that we are actively aiming to fund via grants and sponsors:

*Cost for 3-month pilot: £2,400

Youth Can Cook! - An extra day in the kitchen where we can develop and teach healthy recipes and cooking techniques to young people in need of training opportunities. We have a potential partner for this project, so stay tuned for more news!

Cost of production: £5,800

SimpleSupper Cookbook - Creating a professional-level cookbook including recipes and stories gathered from our community cooking in Bethnal Green and those sent in from SimpleSuppers around the country. We enlist professional creatives to ensure that the book is polished, accurate and nutritionally sound. Not your average fundraising cookbook!

Cost for 4-month trial (Sept-Dec): £3,600

After-school Tutoring - Offer weekly tutoring sessions for students in Years 5-9.

Cost for materials & project mgt: £750

Kitchen garden and mural - Beautifying our entryway with flower and veg boxes. Great for the kids to see edibles growing and help them flourish! And designing and painting a mural along the slope down to our door to make a welcoming entrance to our space

*All costs are estimates only.